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                                Open submissions going on now!!
   We are looking to put together a science fiction/fantasy anthology so the search is on for a select few stories. Stories should be complete and anywhere from 3,000 words to 7,000. Email submissions to Remember SciFi/Fantasy is a broad genre so your story might be great but just not what we are looking for at this time.  

Margo Conquers the Ancient World: Margo Takes Babylon
Margo Marie Marzzoni was not your typical little girl. Although to an outsider, Margo may have seemed like a normal child, what they did not know was that Margo had an imagination. Yes, she may have lived in a regular house on a street that looked like any other neighborhood, but to Margo, her house was her castle. It may appear that she had a mother and a father, but in Margo's mind, they were stewards, jailors, handmaidens, conquering rivals, capturers, and sandwich makers during lunchtime. Even her cute and strangely wiggled-eyed dog was in actuality a ferocious lion, her personal guard, or even her sturdy mount that her mom told her she should never actually ride.

In Margo Marie's mind she was the women from history she read about everyday during breakfast and every night when she relived her adventures in her dreams. It all started when one morning her mother, who taught history, gave Margo a book about famous women throughout the ages. She told her she should start at the beginning and try to imagine what these powerful women would have been like when they were alive.

Salvation is coming but who will it save? We are pleased to announce the forth coming novel from the writing duo Forrest Parham and H.A.L Wager.
   The Five Salvation's Curse:Episode 1 is the first part in an epic science ficition adventure.  
  Episode 1 out now on Amazon and B&